Unquestionably the biggest town in the area that I collect from is Johnson City, TN. As you would expect for a large community they also have a very rich bottling history. From the earliest days when Coca-Cola first started till the modern day when Tri-City Beverages continues the tradition of the local bottler, bottling has been a part of the history of Johnson City.

W. J. Graham & Co. / The Graham Ice Manufacturing Company 1890-1892

George R. Brown's (G. R. B.) Bottling Works 1890-1891

Johnson City Bottling Works 1903-1928 est

Coca-Cola Bottling Works 1906-1986

Star Bottling Works 1908

Crockett Brothers / Pepsi-Cola Bottling Works of Johnson City, Tenn 1909

Unaka Bottling Works 1911-1912 est

Johnson City / East Tennessee Chero-Cola / Nehi Bottling Company / Cunningham Beverages 1920-1936

Mystery Bottle 1927-1930?

Nu-Icy Bottling Company 1928-1933

Johnson City Bottling Company 1928-1929

Orange Crush Bottling Company 1929-1969

Quality Orange Kist Beverages 1929-1938

East Tennessee Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company 1930-31

Nehi Bottling Corporation / Royal Crown Bottling Company 1931-1985

Seven-Up Bottling Company 1934 est-1967

Dr Pepper Bottling Company 1936-1968

Double Cola Bottling Company 1938-1953

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company 1938-PRESENT

Rice's Bottling Company 1941-1950

Red Rock Bottling Company Inc. 1946-1948 est

Tip Bottling Company / Tri-City Beverage 1946-PRESENT

Special Thanks to:

The Johnson City Public Library and The Archives of Appalachia for allowing me for the use of their resources in my research.

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